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Parcel​ B began investing together in the Fall of 2017 when we realized that so many of us had been investing in Olin Startups already, as far back as Lever's Series Seed in 2012.

As an investment collective, we can bring a greater amount of capital together to back Olin Startups than we could on our own. This allows us to be a more significant investor in the success of startups. Some of us are investing our own capital, and some of us are investing using the capital of institutional investors.

Every member of the group has their own investment criteria, but each member is free to make their own investment decisions. We are specifically interested in technology startups seeking venture capital investment, where at least one founder or early employee is a member of the Olin community.

You can find our syndicate page on AngelList.


Skydio makes autonomous aerial drones that provide a platform for a number of consumer and industrial use cases.


HC3 installs smart batteries for smart homeowners.


Enzyme provides FDA compliance & quality systems as a service.

Osmo Systems

Osmo Systems makes the first monitor designed for ​land-based aquaculture.


Pinch helps people build their credit.

Common Networks

Common Networks is a faster, more affordable home internet service.


Lever streamlines the hiring process and simplifies with a modern ATS.

As a smaller investor, Parcel B looks to provide outsized help to its portfolio companies through access to the networks and expertise of its members, and relationships with Olin students and alumni looking to join exciting early-stage startups.
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Parcel B is not affiliated with, or funded by Olin College.