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Maia on Diversity and Tech Interviews

Parcel B member Maia Bittner '11 was covered by Huffington Post on her thoughts on diversity and tech hiring.

"The women in tech pipeline problem starts not with whether or not a male or female candidate is hired, but how a candidate is hired.

Maia Bittner, tech startup investor, advisor,engineer, and Pinch co-founder, who previously launched Rocksbox, a startup that raised $12.3 million, says the problem is the hiring process itself favors men."

As we'll explore in an upcoming blog post, Olin Startups have 3x the industry average of female founders. Olin founders are not only often women, they often co-found with women. As investors, we see the industry's consistent underestimation of minority founders as an opportunity for us. Maia also gave Parcel B its first mention in the media!

"Bittner is an early-stage startup investor with an AngelList syndicate, Parcel B. Her passion and expertise is with the “zero to one” stage of a company – the composition of skills needed to get a new project off the ground. She has a passion for meeting founders to talk through new ideas and how to build successful companies."

Read the full article here on Huffington Post.

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